Support US

You can support us in multiple ways..
  1. CARRY A PIECE OF CHALK – everyday where ever you go take some chalk, leave a climate crisis message, tag it #chalk4change, take a photo and share with friends.
  2. START YOUR OWN LOCAL GROUP – no better way to support the demand for change than to do it yourself. Organise with some friends and family to spend a Saturday or Sunday in a popular local area chalking the pavement with climate change facts and encouraging the general public to sign their support. A fun day out with friends and family over the summer months. Send us you event details and we will add it our Facebook feed, upload your photos and videos to us.
  3. VOLUNTEER – Do you have any skills and time that you can give to your local group, web skills, video editing, social media, organisational skills, artists or do you just like talking to people, join is, get in contact.
  4. HELP AN EXISTING GROUP – Find an event near you and get in contact with the organizer or just show up on the day and start chalking.
  5. DONATE – All donations are used to support groups around the world providing them support to organise and buy materials. You can donate below, please give what you can, every little helps.

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