Our goals


Spread awareness of the impact of climate change through street art.


Build worldwide network of chalkers who are prepared to make a difference.


Protest through easy, fun, non violent activism that all the family can participate in.

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Why you should make donation

You will be supporting a network of ordinary citizens who are volunteering their time and energy to spread awareness of the disaster of climate change to the general public.

How to make donation

Support us on Patron or donate through Paypal. You can also support us by starting your own local group or help out an existing group.

What is our goal

To be part of the growing global movement to demand change from those in power. Provide people with facts and information and encourage face to face conversations.

More about donation

All your donations go to support our network of chalk activists and every little helps us spread the message one person at a time.

Meet the team

Jonathan Sarabia


Andy Taylor



  • We had a brilliant day out helping Chalk 4 Change’s event in Berlin, kids loved drawing with the chalk and people we thirsty for knowledge

    Jane Chaves – Mother

  • I was cycling home and discovered the Chalk 4 Change event in my local park, loved the idea and spent the rest of the day helping out. See you next week.

    Martin Muller – Manager

Frequently asked questions


Why Chalk?

Kids have done it for years, drawing on the ground! It is harmless, non confrontational and people will stop, read and start conversations.


Where are you

We are currently organising events in Berlin but we are hoping to launch other groups in cities and towns around the planet. Support us.


Only Climate Action?

For me the climate crisis is the only issue, it threathens our existence on this planet. But you can chalk 4 change on any topic that concerns you. Start your own group and link to us.


How often are your events?

Jonathan and I both work full time jobs so we do this in evenings and weekends, but with enough support we can start full time and grow this movement.


Can i help

YES, please do, check out our support us section.


Can i Donate to help?

Yes, just follow the support us section or find us on Patreon Chalk 4 Change.

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    Schützenstraße 10117 Berlin

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    0049 15223950546

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